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    Altus labs: swallowable pills formulated to deliver a consistent, precise micro- dose. available in 5mg pills with sativa dominant strains; 5mg pills with indica dominant strains; or 10mg cbd 20: 1 pills. altus is a latin word meaning “ high, noble, and profound. ” your relationship with cannabis is highly personal and deeply profound. we are committed to the noble cause of personalized choice through custom cannabis experiences that fit each of your unique life moments. 1) altus labs cbd pills are easier to break into desired doses. this all comes down to design. altus labs cbd comes in tablet labs form, while delta 9 comes in capsule form. it’ s much easier for me to bite off half an altus labs tablet ( 10mg) and be fairly confident i’ ve consumed roughly 5mg. however, i decided to give the 5: 1 altus pills a shot because i’ ve seen products in the past that have worked relatively well when they have a combination of thc and cbd.

    with this being 5mg of thc and 25mg of cbd i was hoping it would increase the pain relief effects with the high dosage of cbd. let’ s just say i was not disappointed. be it for wellness, therapeutic or leisure- use, altus has the products that provide exactly what you want when you want it. cannabidiol ( cbd) cbd has tremendous medical potential. there is data pointing to the need to have both cbd and thc present for optimal therapeutic effect. Buy pure cbd pills in australia. research is currently being conducted to determine these optimal ratios. these cbd pills contain thc & other minor cannabinoids. the pills gave me the munchies. have your favorite, healthy snacks available. i love the idea of cannabis in pill form.

    as the marijuana industry expands and the edible market increases, we’ ll see more companies offering thc pills. for now, altus is ahead of their market and offering strain specific indica and sativa varieties. if you want to find out more about cbd and cbd products you may want to visit wholesale cbd here if you have been looking for a medicinal alternative and need place to pick up your own altus pills, look no further than the station, a recreational and medicinal marijuana dispensary located in boulder, colorado and basalt, colorado. altus labs cbd is highly effective for anxiety and insomnia i primarily wanted to try cbd because i tend to be an anxious person and have suffered from insomnia for 5+ years. studies suggest low doses of cbd may be wake- inducing while higher doses may be sedating, so naturally i experimented with varying dosages. by alton altus pills provides cannabis in pill form with no flavorings, similar to aspirin or other medicine that comes in pill form. they come in sativa, indica and cbd formulas. the indica and sativa are available in 5mg or 10mg pills altus labs cbd pills i first tried a 10mg sativa pill at 3pm on a friday afternoon.

    Altus labs cbd pills
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    Altus labs cbd pills

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